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Welcome to GenSao's Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive, the biggest collection of Tenchi fan fiction on the internet. This site archives any and all fan fiction that is associated with Tenchi Muyo. First time visitors should visit the site format page to understand how this site is organized.

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Update Notice and Announcements (10/1/2002):
Version 5.0 of the TMFFA is UP!
The dynanic version of the TMFFA is finally done. I am really ecstatic about the new version!  Suggestions are always appreciated. Please feel free to E-mail me.  Please note that there will be no new fics added to the old format of the TMFFA.

TMFFA Version 5.0

I Have Returned
I am back from all my trips this summer.  For those interested, I have a mini report about my vacation for your viwing pleasure.

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  • 9/13/2002
    Shane Insane --> Insane
    SSJ Tenchi --> CV Tenchi
    Trevor "Ultima Trev" Flickinger --> Trevor "Ultima Havoc" Flickinger
    Trunks' Girl 787 --> Saiyan Moon Goddess

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Regular Fan Fiction
Tenchi fan fics that are are Purely Tenchi and that are not lemons, X-overs, or tangents.

Crossover Fan Fiction
Crossover fan fics that mix Tenchi Muyo with other series in a fun and unique way.

Lemon Fan Fiction
Lemon Fan Fic that is only appropriate for a more mature audience. Be warned.

Misc Fan Fiction
A collection of fan works that includes poems, MSTings, spam fics, and other forms of omakes.

Tenchi FanFics Voting Booth
Vote here for your favorite Tenchi fanfics. Tell others on what you think is a good story.

Fan Fiction Chat Room
My own chat room for fanfics. Please come and visit various writers and readers.

Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Mailing List
An announcement ML for updates and news about this page, very low traffic.

A Writer's Reference
Help and articles concerning Tenchi Muyo fan fiction. A good place to start if you are a beginner.

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A Page about the various contests for the TMFFA, past and present.

An introductory fic for this site
A short introductory fan fic written by Bglanders.

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Information about copyrights for the archive.

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Sasami TMFFA FanArt Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Version 4.3 of this site. I will try my best to update this page at a regular basis. Also I plan on progressively adding things to the archive. It just depends if I have the time or not. I want to make the main index page more condensed, so look for this the next time around.

I will, as always, archive any fics that have been submitted. But, I now ask that you add a short description that may be used as the description for your works. Also, please understand that I can not screen all fics, so if there is a fic that is displaced... please tell me so that I can fix it.

Thanks again for visiting! If you find anything wrong with this page, wish submit any work, praise/bash my site, or would like to ask any questions please do not hesitate to E-mail me.

Aldrich "GenSao" Bautista
Maintainer of the Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archiv
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