Quality Filter

Some important information on the new quality filter. Subject to revision.


There has been a greater and greater demand for a quality filter and more stringent standards to the submission of entries to the TMFFA.  Recently there has been also a degradation in the quality of stories submitted to the TMFFA.  The demographics of the fan base has changed to a more younger and immature audience. In attempt to increase the quality of fics, a "quality filter" has activate as of 2/20/2001.

What the quality filter will do is, basically entries will be screened for some minimum standard. Fics lacking the proper submission information will not be posted until corrected.  Stories that are too short (with the exception of spamfics) and lack of any form of basic proof reading (very poor grammar) will also be "sent back for revision."

The content of the stories will not be censored or screened.  Once passing the "quality filter" your fic will be added accordingly.  This quality filter is intended to raise the standards of stories that have been sent to the archive. With about 75% of the public supporting this move, the filter has been activate.


Basically, if your story does not follow any of the described requirements, it may not be posted.  After correcting and fixing these errors, I will post your story if it passes this filter/requirement.


Most fics will now be placed on "hold" under this requirement. Spelling, sentence structure, syntax will be looked at.  A few errors are acceptable, but when it seems as if the story was not even proofread, your story won't be posted until you revise it. Basically I am looking for "high school" level grammar.  Best way to solve this problem is to have someone proof read your story.


If it is hard to read, or to follow the sentence structure, your fic may be sent back as well. This is where I can not see where paragraphs end. Dialog is confusing due to poor formatting and run-ons. There are irregular characters that make it hard to read (Usually from Non TXT files or poor conversions).  The file should also follow a 72 character width restriction.  Best way to solve this problem is so save your file as a Simple MS-DOS TXT File.

Submission Information

I am being more strict with the submission guidelines. Your fic may be sent back if not all the required info is included. If I have a problem in understanding how your story is organised, it will be returned. Please do your best to be clear and concise or your fic will fail the filter.


Stories of shorter length will be of greater scrutiny. "College/University" level grammar is required of smaller fics. If it is less than 10 KB, it may sent back for you add more to it. The only exception is spam/short fics.  Ideally if it is a multipart fic, you should try to write more (or finishing the tale) before calling it a chapter.


If your story "fails" the filter requirement, don't lose hope.  Just take the time to fix the problems and resubmit. I will not edit of fix the stories for you. It is your responsibility to fix and resubmit the story.

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