The infamous links page. Here are some links to other related pages. I'll add more when I get the chance.

Lord YoshoTenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Review Sites

Brazil's Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Reviews
Brazil has several reviews for fanfics. He critically analyzes a fic's virtues and sins.

K'thardin's TM!FF Reviews Page
K'thardin's _very_ opinionated views on fanfics can be found here.

The Two Guys' Tenchi Muyo Fan Fic Review Page
A relatively new Tenchi fanfic review page by an Aeka fan and a Ryoko fan.

Other Fan Fiction Sites

MST Syndicate Home
A MSTers paradise, with MSTs not found anywhere else. Membership info is available. Some of the biggest names from TMFFA are members . . .

General Anime Sites

The Anime Web Turnpike
One of the biggest anime web portals in existance.

Links to my other Tenchi Muyo pages

GenSao's Tenchi Muyo Home Page
My main Tenchi Muyo Page with manga, midi, lyrics, movies, images, games, and much more.

The Ken-ohki Shrine
A shrine dedicated to the other cabbit in the Tenchi Muyo universe.

Tenchi Muyo Screen Saver Clip Replacement Page
The nessary Clips to fix the Tenchi Muyo Screen Saver

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