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This page is where all the different banners for my site can be found.  This is a link free site, so I would really appreciate it if you would use one of these banners to link my page. The previous banners have been retired from this site. Domo Arigato!

Banner 0
Banner 0 The banner that is now on my main menu.

By Patrick "Seion" Stewart (

Banner 1
Banner 1 A banner that includes the URL.

By Patrick "Seion" Stewart (

Banner 2
Banner 2 A banner with Mihoshi and Kiyone.

By Kevin "Crusader" Hughes (

Banner 3
Banner 3 A banner with Princess Aeka.

By Lesell Charis (

Banner 4
Banner 4 A banner with Ryoko.

By Lesell Charis (

If you like to make a banner for this site, you are free to.  Just remember these simple rules.  The image must be 400 X 80 and you should be creative.  It is highly recommended you place the phrase "The Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive" or/and "" on the banner.  Other than that you are free to make banners for this site.  The older ones are now retired and these new ones replace it.

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