A Writer's Reference

Here you can find helpful articles and documents concerning Tenchi Muyo fan fiction.  More will be added eventually.

How to Write a FanFic
A short introduction for beginners on how to write a fanfic by Kthardin.

How to Write a Fan Fiction.
An easy step by step explanation on how to write a fan fiction.

A Small List Of Things Best Left Out Of Your Story
A list of  some advanced advice for writing fan fiction by Michael McAvoy.

10 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block
Camille Christiansen's tips for overcoming one big reason why fics are not continued/finished.

A short collection of frequently used terms for fan fiction.

A "Tenchi Muyo" Encyclopedia
A list of various words commonly found in TM. Compiled by Strikestwice.

A Tenchi Fan Fic Challenge
An old challenge I wrote, helpful if you have writers block.

The Many Universes of Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction
K'thardin's essay on detailing both the joys and sorrows of writing and reading the fanfictions of Tenchi Muyo.

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