100,000 Hits at the Archive

A subsection of the history page that notes the 100,000 hit the archive has received since 4/4/1998.

Who was #100,000?

100,000 hit mark screen shotThe 100,000th Visitor was Blganders.  Congratulations! he won the prize that was offered.

The archive has reached in less than a year, over 100,000 hits.  The 100,000th mark was it on March 16, 1999 - 4:30AM EST.

Bglanders had the following to say about him being the 100,000 visitor and the prize.

"Wow, this site really is the happiest place on earth! Thanks Gen!"

A Ryoko Hakubi Masaki, tried to claim the prize by providing a faked image. Luckily to prevent possible cheating, at the last moment I changed the font of the counter to the one shown above.  Cheaters do not prosper! But this will not stop me form having another contest...

The Prize

The winner won... the following Tenchi Muyo pencil board.  One side has Aeka the other has Ryoko.  Perhaps Tenchi needs it.  He could toss it in the air and whoever comes on top wins.^_^;



Official Rules for the Contest

To Qualify for the prize, you MUST take a screen capture of the page with the counter at 100,000 and/or save the counter image.

No Purchase necessary. ;) Your privacy will be respected, but if you wish to receive your prize, you must to send me your physical address. If you do not want to do this, an electronic prize will be given in lieu of the pencil board. GenSao reserves the right to refuse the distribution of the prize if foul play is detected/suspected.

Counter Stats!

Hits Per Day

Hits refer to hits to the main menu page only.

March 11, 1999 - 324 hits
March 12, 1999 - 340 hits
March 13, 1999 - 381 hits
March 14, 1999 - 655 hits (Highest hits per day)
March 15, 1999 - 623 hits
March 16, 1999 - 140 hits at 100,000 as of 1:30AM PST

Top User Hits

Stats were gathered approximately 4:30AM EST of the most recent visitor to the arcive.

85 209-142-33-127.stk.inreach.net
49 spider-tq041.proxy.aol.com
40 p5.ts1.newha.CT.tiac.com
29 spider-th061.proxy.aol.com
16 214-223-148.ipt.aol.com
8 host-216-76-132-106.ath.bellsouth.net
7 spider-tq032.proxy.aol.com
7 168-151-167.ipt.aol.com
6 CWIP-T-006-p-108-207.tmns.net.au
5 spanner.visi.com

Fan Art

Here is something to celebrate the 100,000 hit mark... Image and text are By... Washuu-Chan (Washuu@gmx.net)

Ryoko and Ayeka: What do you mean, Sasami will get Tenchi???

Kiyone: how dare to discuss my private relationships with Mihoshi??

Mihoshi: hmmm, do they really know about that?

Kiyone: aww, will ya ever shut up? We're gonna hit the crap out of him!!

GenSao: uh-oh!!!

Panda being chased by some lovely women.

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