Twenty Tenchi Fan Fiction Passages

The twenty solutrions for the contest.  Belive it or not, there was a pattern to the contest.  A passage was taken form each sub group of the archive.  Thus, there are 8 regular fics, 2 lemons, 4 crossovers, 5 misc, and one new reg entry that were selected.

Passage One

"Ryo -- Ryouko?" he stammered out, taking a hasty step back. The cyan haired pirate narrowed her eyes dangerously. Faster than the eye could follow, she'd grabbed his neck with her right hand and lifted him a good three feet off of the ground.

"My name is 'Zero'. Got it?" she asked, shaking him a little. The man gurgled, beating ineffectually at Ryouko's hand. She cocked an eyebrow, then dropped the large owner on his rear.

"Wha -- What do you want, Ryou -- " he began, until one of his bar stools imbedded itself in the wall just above his head. "Uh -- That is, Zero."

"Information, what else?" Ryouko said, reaching behind the bar for a jug of sake, oblivious to the murderous stare she was getting from the owner. "And everyone knows that if 'Chief' doesn't know about it, it isn't happening."

Kougo no Tenchi Muyo
By Nekokun (
An Alternate Tenchi Muyo world. (Multipart) -7/10/1999

Passage Two

After Tokimi picked herself up from her facefault, stalked toward them, her previous anger nothing compared to this.

<<I did this because...>>

Washuu and Tsunami nodded, "Because?"


"Uh huh?"

Suddenly the goddess collapsed to her knees, crying her little heart out. <<Because you left and didn't tell me where you were going! Big meanies!>> And just as suddenly the force around the other two vanished leaving the other two free to move. Tsunami moved to embrace Tokimi, followed closely by Washuu.

Tsunami held her close. "Oh...I'm sorry. I never realized..."

"Nor did I." Washuu added.

<<Left me all alone...>>

Why Tokimi REALLY wants Tsunami and Washuu
By David "Kthardin" R. Nolen (
A limey spam fic guest staring Cyraqs. 6KB -7/23/1999

Passage Three

Gen slowly regained conscienceness and his senses. He shook his head and looked to see where Ryoko had gone since he was still alive. He saw her hunched over the earthling boy he had captured.

Ryoko was so engrossed in caring for Tenchi that she never knew Gen was up and walking towards her.

"Tragic," he muttered. < She used to be so good in a fight. But now she's so enraptured with this boy that she's let her guard down completely. > He sighed. < What would make her risk her life for him? Oh well, it just makes my job easier. >

Gen approached Ryoko stealthily until he was standing only a few feet from her. He drew his arm back, activated his energy-sword, and swung.

Tenchi Muyo! Another Hunter!
Luke 'Skywalker' Tixier (
Another bounty hunter comes for Ryoko. 14KB -11/14/1998

Passage Four

All in all, she was downright gorgeous. In fact, Tenchi found her to be *very* attractive, even the oval markings on her face were cute. However, she did just burst out of his water bottle, and he expected an explanation. He just needed to ediscover the capacity to speak.

As Tenchi watched, trying to form cognitive thought, the girl looked about the room curiously. Then, her eyes fell on him. She brightened considerably, much to Tenchi's secret pleasure. "Hello!" She said cheerfully, "Are you Misaki Tenchi?"

Tenchi could only nod in response.

The girl smiled, "Good! I'm Skuld, from the Goddess Relief Office." She stated this as though it would instantly answer all possible questions.

Well, it would, if one had any clue as to what she was talking about. Tenchi didn't. "Huh?" He managed, though his brain was still working through a few over-used defense mechanisms dealing with sudden shocks.

"Wishing A Conscience" - Part One
By Robert "Pmasters" Hadley (
Tenchi and Oh! My Goddess! crossover where Tenchi recives a visit form Skuld. 10KB

Passage Five

Tsunami? What's the way? How can I help Tenchi-niichan be happy?

You could try to be there for him. You could show him that not all girls want to fight over him, that some want to care about his feelings.

... what are you talking about, Tsunami?

You know what I'm talking about, Sasami-chan.

No. No! I ... I don't want to do that! I don't want to treat Tenchi like, like --

Like Ayeka-neesan's headband?


The one you sent him to steal?

Yes ...

Do you like taking things from your sister?

No! I mean, yes, I mean ... I mean, Tenchi-niichan isn't a thing! I don't want to treat him like a thing! I ... I *love* Tenchi-niichan! I don't ever want to hurt him like that! Why are you asking me this Tsunami? Why are you making me think these things?

Images of Tenchi
By Chris Davies (
A characters point of view of temselves and the ones arond them.

Passage Six

>>"Grrrrrr... What do you mean? I would never do such a thing I
>wouldn't want to have the body of a tainted character of your reputation"
>>"Well, how bout if I taint your reputation with Tenchi? Heh heh, A
>>crack of the whip sounds fun."
>>"You wouldn't dare..."

Lina (imitating Ayeka/Stan): Oh, yeah, well I can beat up your little sorry ass you fat-head!

A-ko (imitating Ryoko/Cartman): Oh, yeah, you fat bitch, at least IIII have your body, you little twerp!

Andrew/Keiichi: Don't tell me this is happening...

A MSTing of "The Day of Fools Part 1 - 'Morning Madness'"
Andrew (
A MSTing of GenSao's fic. 35KB -1/19/1999

Passage Seven

"So, what is it you wanted to show me?" he asked.

"This, Tenchi."

Ryoko grabbed him with one arm, and with the other began to tear his shirt off his body. She dropped the tattered remnants of cloth on the floor. He struggled, but she was much stronger than he was.

"Stop! You promised! YOU PROMISED!"

She spun him around forcefully and kissed him despite his attempt to turn his face away. Her tongue entered his mouth, and she moaned.

Aikan Muyo
By Happosai (
H Fan Fiction. (multipart) -2/23/1999

Passage Eight

"Tell me, my dear, about this boy named after heaven and earth. Is his love really worth these tears, this pain, this sadness? Is he really all of heaven and earth to you?"

I thought about. I tried so hard to find it in me to say no, summoning the image of Tenchi-sama holding that monster woman and whispering things I had once dreamed he would tell me someday, tried so hard to tell myself that that dream could no longer have any hope of being more than just that dream, but I couldn't find it in myself to be angry. All I could feel was sorrow and shame for a shortcoming that must've been in me. What made me inferior to that monster woman, I didn't know, but that I, Aeka the first princess of Jurai, for all my honorable propriety and the glory of my blood was somehow less than a unversal criminal.

By Eric "Inoue" Jonas (
A great story about the Ryoko/Aeka Combo. 19KB

Passage Nine

The wind picked up to a savage roar and threw Tenchi Masaki backwards against the wall as a horde of blazing eyes closed in, and he swallowed heavily, throwing every ounce of his strength into the dim shield of jurai power he had manifest.

He just prayed that the girls were alright...Ryoko haddn't looked well, and Aeka had been staggering, bleading from a dozen wounds..Mihoshi had fallen in the first wave of the assault, Sasami was missing and Washuu was incoherant...dazed.

Things looked very bad.

Thunder slamed into his light hawlk wings in a thousand vollies, blasting him throught the wall of the shrine and tumbling him back into the cave, where they would have to make their last stand.

The enemy folowed, a vicious, evil horde of tiny bodies and vicious teeth who's terrifying battle cry rang out in a thousand repititions of "Miyah"

Tenchi Muyou: Evil Space Bunnies
By Sheldon Burnham (
A Twisted preview. 2KB -2/23/1999

Passage Ten

The trip to Tokyo was turning out to be a rather pleasant one. Ryoko had fallen fast asleep when they had boarded the bus and had leaned on Tenchi's shoulder the entire time. The earlier train ride had been a lively conversation between the two of them. Ryoko had actually seemed interrested in knowing more about Tenchi. It had always seemed to him that she had just wanted him without knowing anything about him. Now she wanted to know everything from what he wanted to do when he was older to how he was doing in school. She was a wholly different person. If it hadn't been so nice he would have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Now they were traveling through the Nerima district on their way to their hotel. It was a quiet place that seemed like it hadn't yet advanced to the twentieth century. Everywhere he looked people were wearing traditional clothing. In fact, if you had removed his father and the horde of visiting aliens his house would probably have fit in quite well around here.

Blood and Tears - Chapter One : "Delayed Rondevous"
By Mark J. Raming Jr. (
A Tenchi/Ranma X-over

Passage Eleven

'Surely the gods must love me,' thought Ayeka in an euphoric haze. Serendipitously she and Tenchi had been left alone together on a beautiful spring day. Tenchi had been pleasantly surprised and delighted at her bringing a picnic lunch out to the carrot field where he had spent the morning working. Even now they lay side-by-side on their picnic blanket watching the sun shine on the lake below. The remains of their picnic lunch were spread out on the grass of the hill side along with their clothes. The breeze felt good, cooling the sweat that clung to her body after their recent exertion. This time it was so much sweeter and intense than the first time they had done it. Ayeka smiled. They were getting quite good at it. She never dreamed she would enjoy sex so much.

Ed Sharpe (
This is a "what if.." sort of story about Ayeka. A dark fic. 21KB

Passage Twelve

Aeka and Ryoko collectively fumed at the handwritten note Tenchi left on the dining room table.

Eloped with Sasami. Don't come looking for us.

P.S. Ryo-Ou-Ki decided to come with us as well.

"How dare they!" Aeka growled.

"And just before dinner, too!" Ryouko added.

No Need for a Child's Body! Sasami's Bold Decision
Dot Warner (
Sasami doesn't want to be a child anymore. 6KB -8/4/1999

Passage Thirteen

When Tenchi woke up, the first sensation he felt was a pain all along his exposed back. He raised his head and looked behind him to see that his entire back was sunburned. He gazed up at the sun, which was now beginning to sink below the horizon, and checked his watch. They had been sleeping for close to five hours.

Below him, Washu stirred. She opened her green eyes and smiled coyly. "Hello there," she said. "Did we oversleep?"

Tenchi smiled back at her. "You have nothing to worry about," he said in a mock heroic voice, "Tenchi, the human sun block, has shielded your delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays."

Ma Petite Washu
By Thomas "009" Doscher (
A Washu gets Tenchi fic! 65KB -9/1/1999

Passage Fourteen

"I was looking for the toilet!" Mihoshi cried, tears filling her eyes.

"You are a Federation saboteur!" Marik shouted.

"No, I'm a Galaxy Police Officer." Mihoshi pouted. "I told Captain Kila that... you can ask her. She'll vouch for me."

"Gah!" Marik cursed, the force of the outburst propelling him backwards through the room. "I never would have believed that a Federation saboteur could be so aggravating!"

The Mihoshi Incident
By Derek Sherman (
A Tenchi and Star Trek: The Next Generation Xover. (Multipart) -7/11/1998

Passage Fifteen

"My son, your alien friends were just that. Alien. The products of a society and evolution completely different from anything on Earth. No matter how human they look, the most barbaric gaijin has more in common with you and me than they do."

"But why didn't you tell me?" Tenchi asked. Now that he was thinking about it, he could remember other times the girls had done things no human would do. What human would just walk up to someone and call them a "guinea-pig for my experiments?" Would take being stranded on Earth in stride. For that matter, what human would stick themselves in stasis, on the off chance that someday, maybe, the ship would pass close enough to their nemesis to revive them?

"Because as I said before, I didn't realize the extent of it. I knew they could get obsessive, but some humans can be too." Noyuboki replied. "But this, this total lack of comprehension for the existence of life outside themselves . . . you understand. Or rather, neither of us understand."

By Michael Beck (
A self finding fic about Tenchi. 8KB

Passage Sixteen

"Come on, sit next to me." Ayeka patted the mat next to her.

"My pants are too wet."

Ayeka stood up and faced Tenchi, "take them off."

"I'm not wearing anything underneath, I'll just go stand outside."

Ayeka moved between Tenchi and the door. "It's raining to hard to be out there." Ayeka kissed Tenchi. "I want you to stay with me." She put her arms around Tenchi.

Tenchi tried to pull away "Ayeka, I cant...."

Ayeka caught his belt-loops with one hand and touched his lips with her forefinger. "Shh. I know you don't want to choose; and I'm not asking you to. I just want you to give me some time." Ayeka kissed Tenchi, pushing him against the wall. She pulled open the front of his jeans and reached inside them.

Ayeka and Ryoko: An improbable Tenchi Muyo Lemon
By Doug Whiddon (
H-Fan Fiction. 17KB

Passage Seventeen

"Commander Mihoshi," the officer reported. "The Shikuudan is accelerating towards us! They are ignoring our communiques!"

"Open fire at once!" Mihoshi ordered. "Broadcast on all channels! Shikuudan you are under arrest, the charge of resisting arrest will be added to the list of charges against you if you do not stop!"

The Galactic Police ships fired upon the enormous horseshoe crab shaped ship with two gigantic long back swept crescent shaped pectoral and dorsal fin sections. The tiny concentrated beams struck the mammoth ship but did nothing more than create pretty color patterns in the ship's shields as the cyclopean crustacean continued to close rapidly. Within another second, the ship had smashed straight through the center of the ships in a series of explosions and scattered wreckage, leaving only nine of the battlecruisers and seven support ships intact. Of the ships that were intact, all the support ships and two of the battlecruisers were so badly damaged they were still spiralling out of control from the collision.

"I would stop and chat if I had time!" Andrea exclaimed. "But I have all of Kagato's work to steal and greater power to attain!"

Andrea looked back forward at the screen and laughed. Her expression turned from one of amusement to one of concern. "I hope another pirate hasn't found his stuff and is stealing what is rightfully mine. Oh well, if they are, then I can destroy them and steal it back." Andrea sighed. "How inconvenient."

Ten Muyou
By Higeki-san (
A very good story that is based of the OAV Series, new characters, and a twist to the OAVs. 109KB

Passage Eighteen

"And what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Yosho asked without skipping a beat. Tsunami simply pointed toward the far row of books in the corner on a dusty shelf Yosho hadn't even glanced at for several months. Sitting there was an acient book that Yosho was sure he had never seen before. "Hmm, a present?" Yosho strolled over to the previously unoticed volume and read the cover. It was printed in an acient version of the royal Jurian high speech. Yosho immedately picked up the book and started reading, intriuged at the new finding and wondering why this book was importiant enough for Tsunami to drop here.

As Yosho read, he forgot about his tea and the time for that matter. He read late into the evening and did not return to the house until 11 that night. As he walked in the door, Washu was there waiting for him. "She visited you too?" She asked in a tone that sugested these events seemed like elements in an experiment rather than situations in life. Of course, with Washu, life itself was on continuous expierement. Yosho nodded and handed the book over to her. She took one glance and said, "I've read this before. I found it when I was cleaning out my files concerning Juraian legends. If Tsunami thought it was importiant enough to bring to our attention, the something has to be up."

BGlanders (
A Sailor Moon and Tenchi X-over. 13KB

Passage Nineteen

He grinned as he stood, hand in pocket, shoulder on wall, missing only the cigarette in mouth to make him look like a Tenchi-fied Humphrey Bogart.

Ayeka blushed. She had never seen Nobuyuki so, what was the word, interested.

"Hey, Ayeka," he said slickly, "today's your lucky day."

"Whatever do you mean, father?"

"Today's the day that your love for me is finally acknowledged." Grin became more pronounced.

Ayeka gasped as would be expected. "Father Nobuyuki, I don't know what you mean!"

"Oh, I'm not Nobuyuki, sweetbuns," he laughed. "I'm Tenchi, your dream beau! Washu performed a little experiment on me, and now I'm a grown man who can appreciate your love as well as your loins."

Ayeka screamed as would also be expected. "How dare you make up such a story, Nobuyuki! Please, leave me alone before I call your son!"

The Masaki Gene : "A Tale About Life, the Universe, and Male Hormones"
By Ulises Silva (
A exploration of Tenchi's DNA and it's dangerous effects. 29KB -9/19/1998

Passage Twenty


"Kiyone," Tenchi whispered, leaning in closer to her, "I brought you here because I didn't want all the noise and interruptions that we would get with the others back on Earth. There's something important that I just have to tell you. You're the most special woman that's ever come into my life. I've never admired anyone as much as you."

Tenchi took one of Kiyone's hands into his. "You're strong, compassionate, and ... and beautiful. I love you, Kiyone."

Kiyone gasped. Tenchi moved even closer to her. She could see a mixture of hope and fear in his eyes.

"You don't have to say anything," Tenchi murmured, "I ... I just wanted to tell you. I'll take you home if that's what you want."

Kiyone couldn't believe that this was happening. Tenchi had never shown any interest in her before! How long had he been keeping these feelings a secret?

Kiyone's Birthday
Literary Eagle (
A magical night for Kiyone. 27KB -2/25/1999

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