A Tenchi Muyo Contest!

Kevin "Locknear" Smith (washu@saiyan.com) had run a contest!  If you have and questions or comments about the contest, E-mail him. The winner of the contest is K'thardin, revies a set of Tenchi Muyo playing cards.  Congratulations.

No Need for Rules!

The rules are fairly simple. The contestants must answer all of the questions on the quiz. There will be a total of ten questions. The contestant that answers all ten questions correctly wins two packages of Tenchi trading cards. There will only be one winner. Also, if no one answers all ten questions correctly, then the contestant with the most correct answers will win the three packages of Tenchi trading cards. All questions must be answered to qualify. If one question is not answered, you will be disqualified. No explicit language or pictures are accepted. If one of the questions has an answer that is inappropriate, then he or she will be disqualified from the contest. Send entries to washu@saiyan.com. If you have any questions, email me at the address above. These are the rules for the contest. Enjoy playing.

No Need for a Format

This is what the contestant's sheet should look like. You will not be disqualified for not following the format. This is just to make it easier for me to read. It is easier to follow then the rules. The contestants need to number downward from one to ten. Your answer will be in front of the numbers. For Example:

  1. Washu
  2. Tenchi
  3. Ayeka

That is an example of how the format should look. Remember you do not have to answer in complete sentences.

Expiration Date for Contest

Since the contest is fairly easy, the contest will end January 30, 2000. The winner will be announced on February 2, 2000. So if you are interested, accept my challenge and play my contest. The ten questions are below. This will see who is a true Tenchi fan. Good luck!

The Quiz

  1. Which of Ryoko's gems conjures demons?
  2. What is the name of the monk in the graphic novels?
  3. How many villains are associated with Washu in the mangas and TV series?
  4. How was Ryoko born in the OVA series?
  5. How long did Tenchi's journey last in the first TV series? (Hint: From the time Tenchi met Ryoko to the very end.)
  6. What is the name of the warrior, who saved Sasami from being captured in the airport?
  7. What is the name of the guy that Ryoko almost goes away with due to a jealous Tenchi? (Sorry, no hints past question 5.)
  8. Who was the only character that is seen in the OVA series, but is not given a name?
  9. Which one of the girls does Tenchi start to fall for?
  10. How do you know? (Refers to question 9. In other words, what happens in a certain scene?)

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